BitterStrawberry’s own Nutra offers have come a long way and they won’t stop here! They’re happy to announce their products are live in France, Italy and Spain.



Great news! Due to the recent success BitterStrawberry had with their revolutionary Nutra products, they decided to expand their line in France, Italy, and Spain.

In the last couple of months, the demand for Protecvital Plus has grown so quickly that it has almost reached buzzword status.

Inspired by nature and dedicated to innovation and quality, BitterStrawberry’s Nutra products became the most popular products in the affiliate world. These attractive offers capitalized on the supplements market, so they decided to make sure you are getting a chance to upgrade your revenue to 6 figure profits.

Did we already make you wonder what’s so special about their products?

Well, they have it all: premium natural ingredients under proprietary blends ranging from weight loss to male enhancements, attractive LPs, HQ testimonials, fast delivery and extremely high payouts.

With a constantly growing portfolio, BitterStrawberry develop their own signature brands targeting specific consumer groups in all Western Europe, where the demand increased significantly due to the growing concern for a healthy lifestyle and illness prevention and the expanding of disposable income.

In France for example, that is the largest consumer of nutraceuticals product in Western European, natural herbal products have a strong heritage and are widely accepted and perfect for native advertising as well as RTB, email and display traffic.

In Italy and Spain, both awareness and penetration levels of the markets are high and the nutraceutical value growth is increasing in the same time with the demand for personalized support for supplement consumption.

So, if you are a Nutra affiliate, you cannot afford to miss the opportunity to promote BitterStrawberry’s offers on exclusive basis. Their products not only have a huge success and a vast audience but because of their innovative formula, they have the potential to become a leading brand with a loyal clientele.

 Created especially and tested for IT, FR, ES traffic, these offers are super engaging and they will be easily doubled by upselling on these new markets.

Sales have been boosted until now on Germany, Austria, Switzerland and UK and affiliates managed to earning vibrant living through commissions.

Needless to say, that BitterStrawberry has done it again with their proven to be effective, absolutely safe and fast products!

“Several years ago, we recognized a potential market for sourcing quality products but we never anticipated how much that vision would grow into the Nutra line we have accomplished to produce now” – Carmen Lumina, BitterStrawberry.

Whether you decide to choose working with their Nutra offers, you can earn from a few hundred dollars a month or you can take it to the next level and go for gold. There are no limits to how much you can earn in the end. These products have the potential for endless financial gain.

So, are you prepared to keep your pockets smiling? Add into your mix BitterStrawberry’s Nutra offers and start growing your fortune now! We can guarantee their line of products will undoubtedly bring even greatest results within just the first weeks.



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