BitterStrawberry Affiliate Life’s Secrets- Behind the scenes!


From the moment you walk through BitterStrawberry’s door, the friendly environment reinforces your positivity and lifts your mood.
With homey touches and a lot of brand personality, very creatively decorated, with inspiration boards that illustrate the company’s core values, this place is a great motivator for the employees and makes them want to spend more time in.
Their vision and plans are emblazoned on the walls and there are also a lot of cozy areas and comfy chairs and swings, which as you can imagine are very popular and also a great place for interaction.
No wonder their team is so productive and relaxed!

BitterStrawberry’s workplace is not only a big statement piece, it also defines the space and creates an inviting and comfortable space for meeting and collaborating.
We recently visited their office and it made me feel welcomed and included, fostering somehow a sense of family.
Obviously, the people that work there play a huge part of that positive vibe because GC and Carmen build a good team of likeminded people who share the same attitude and values with them.
A meaningful vision which every single employee knows, lives and communicates every single day through their work is what drives them to be the best every single day and this is what keeps the business rolling.

Treats, sweets, cakes and drinks on special occasions such as birthdays or office anniversaries are a must at BitterStrawberry and another great mood booster for the whole team as they often encourage interaction. Chatting with work colleagues in a nice, cozy environment makes everyone feel more at home.

Recognizing each individual’s accomplishments and milestones help employees feel like they are an important part of the team and sometimes small gestures have a big impact. Showing camaraderie among their team, BitterStrawberry never misses a chance to throw a nice party!

They achieved the art of performance marketing, harnessing the power of innovation from day one and having some of the smartest players in affiliate marketing in their team. Their team leader always shares experiences and inspires next generation of entrepreneurs, helping them to start their careers and paving their way for business success. BitterStrawberry team just returned recently from SheCommerce, an eye-opening event that id designed to connect the next generation of females in e-commerce.

It’s clearly that Carmen has a voice that is empowering women and she puts a lot of energy and effort into making them believe in themselves. Removing social inequalities in a more transparent and inclusive world, unlocking the potential of women in leading roles and contributing to economical sustainable development in this era o digital revolution is on BitterStrawberry’s daily agenda. They are moving into the future and they are ready to show you their way.
No need to say, they never miss an important conference and they are always prepared with a unique presentation and the latest technology trends, ready to discuss new opportunities and put your business potential in the limelight.

They are often in the giving mood, especially around the conferences season and their giveaways are outstanding! This way they always open up a whole new world of possibilities, attracting prospects and new valuable partnerships. Getting people attention with high-quality promotional products and improving the overall trade show experience, BitterStrawberry team always drive people’s attention bringing lot of traffic to their booth.
Having the right connections and skills to create the ultimate social gatherings, BitterStrawberry teamed up with a lot of big names in the industry and organized some of the most unforgettable parties in the affiliate history. They know how to hustle but they also know how to party in great style.

We also love working with them because they always create an atmosphere that people are so comfortable in, they never want to leave. So, if you need an affiliate partner to host the most private, luxury events in the most mysterious places, they are totally in for it!

And the cherry on top: they recently launched their own line of Nutra products, becoming the right direct Advertiser for your traffic needs and shaping the future of health market in Western Europe. Launching a top-selling line of nutraceutical products, that can bring any affiliate partner, the highest payouts in the industry, BitterStrawberry produced their own trademark of unique, natural products, expanding access to their offers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland to UK and recently Italy, Spain and France.

Just follow their sale success because this is just the tip of the iceberg! In the end, in this field, the main challenge is to find the most performing affiliates with the best potential to your business.


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