BH Spy: The Best Facebook Spy tool for Blackhat Affiliates (Discount Included!)


Being a successful affiliates requires you to adapt to changes in the industry quickly. Because trends come and go, affiliates are constantly on the hunt for new strategies to use in their campaigns. This is especially true for blackhat affiliates. Because their ads get deleted by Facebook frequently, they need to look for new angles more often. In order to find new methods, many affiliates turn to spy tools to keep an eye on their competitors, figure out what angles work, and find inspiration for their next campaigns.

While competitive research is an essential step when establishing a new ad campaign, using spy tools can be time consuming and frustrating for users. Previously, there were a few very comprehensive Facebook spy tools available to affiliates, although, the research involved in finding relevant and interesting ads is a long process. Affiliates often have to spend hours scrolling through the tools’ search results of which the majority are large brands; just to find maybe one or two ads that interest them. Sometimes, the search for these ads ends up being more trouble and cost more money than it’s worth.

However, a new Facebook spy tool was launched last week: BH Spy (Blackhat Spy). BH Spy’s goal in establishing their tool is to eliminate the common issues and inefficiencies that users face when using other Facebook spy tools. 

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BH Spy is a brand new tool that was designed specifically for blackhat affiliates. Blackhat ads are difficult to find, which is an issue that blackhat affiliates often face when searching for ads on other spy tools. Affiliates who run blackhat ads need to be careful about the words they use in their ad text to avoid having their accounts banned on Facebook. However, this makes it a bit more challenging and time consuming for affiliates who are searching for these ads in a spy tool database.

With BH Spy, users do not have to scroll through thousands of ads to find the blackhat ones they are looking for. Instead, affiliates have access to hundreds of blackhat affiliate ads that are recent and relevant to their campaigns, all categorized neatly by vertical. Their tool is extremely easy to navigate, saving users a lot of time on their competitive research.

While there are no filters on BH Spy, you do not need any. The point of this spy tool is that you do not have to execute a long search for your ads by filtering through different keywords, countries, interests, etc. All of BH Spy’s ads are manually picked out and categorized by vertical every day to make sure you only see the most relevant and recent ads. Essentially, someone on their team has done all the competitive research for you. You just have to search for the ads you are looking for by vertical.

BH Spy categorizes all their affiliate ads into the following categories:

  • Skin
  • Casino & Crypto
  • Diet
  • Sweepstakes
  • Other (ED, Brain, Muscle, Hair, etc.)

How are the search results presented?

To view ads in different blackhat verticals, simply select the category you wish, and you will see all the recent affiliate ads that are relevant to that category.

All of their results include the ad text, amount of likes, shares, comments, and country. When you click an ad, you also have the option of seeing the ad on Facebook, visiting the URL, downloading the creative, and downloading the landing page.


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This tool is much lower than the cost for many other spy tools and would be easily justified by finding even just one new angle. The real advantage to this tool is the avoiding countless hours it takes to scroll through other spy tools to find ads in blackhat verticals.


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