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Cash Network (CN) was originally established as a pilot project in 2011.  However, due to its success that year, they officially launched the company in January 2012. The network focuses mostly on skin, diet, bizop, mommy offers, gift cards, personal finance and phone trials across many geos, including US, UK, AU, CA, and NZ.  Currently, they are also working towards expanding into LATAM and EU countries.

CN’s team consists of 16 staff members spread across different locations. While they are primarily located in Salt Lake City, Utah, they also have offices in NYC, Puerto Rico, and some presence in Las Vegas. With a combined 60 years of internet marketing and advertising experience under their belt, the CN team is able to provide expert direction to their affiliates and advertisers. Not to mention, they have industry leading pay-outs. 

The network differentiates itself from others in its core beliefs and values. They have a deep belief that their employees, advertisers and affiliates must be treated like family. The CN team makes sure they are constantly going above and beyond to address their needs. While other companies or individuals  may measure their relationships in dollars, CN strives to build strong relationships with their partners and look out for their best interest.

Additionally, they spend time and effort on advising and working with their advertisers (those who allow them) in order to optimize their offer conversions and overall performance.

According to CN, their biggest challenge to date has been finding more motivated, proactive and talented employees to help manage their rapid growth. Since launching, they have hired a very motivated EVP of Operations, Chad Rasmussen. He has taken the initiative to actively recruit talented prospects for their team.

CN’s goal for the future is to completely dominate the affiliate marketing space,  taking their company’s annual revenue to $250 million in the next 2 to 3 years. They are currently working on creating industry changing software utilizing Blockchain technology, as well as mergers and acquisitions, in order to reach and exceed their 3 year goal. Moreover, they hope to make CN one of the most attractive companies for talented and motivated candidates who are seeking a job in the industry.

CN expects to attend Affiliate Summit events, as well as Affiliate World events internationally, so look out for them at the next event!

One of the best things about CN is that they are very accessible at all times. They are always happy to meet with industry professionals,  and they welcome people to reach out to them whenever they’re visiting cities in which they have offices.

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