Banners&Landers: Your Outsourcing Partner


Attention Marketers! Are you looking for a RELIABLE outsourcing partner that is AFFORDABLE and PROMPT at delivering your finished order?

If the answer is YES; read this post about an epic outsourcing company that was created by the well known super affiliate and blogger iAmAttila.

We are talking about Banners&Landers, used by more than 4700 internet marketers worldwide for their landing pages, banners, complete WordPress sites and of course copywriting.

Why did he create Banners&Landers? When we asked, he told us B&L was born due to straight necessity.

He was sick and tired of the inefficient hiring processes on freelancing sites on Upwork, where most of the time he ran into contractors that didn’t understand why a banner needed to look ugly. They didn’t understand why optimizing code and CSS for fastest load times mattered so much. They came up with excuses why the work wasn’t completed like their relative got sick, or it’s a birthday celebration so that’s why the work wasn’t done, so on and so forth.

iAmAttila was SICK of these inefficiencies, excuses, and spending hours on end looking for someone that just ‘gets it’.

He needed to solve the problem of getting creative materials made fast and for cheap so he built a team that understands CTR, A/B testing, CR, and performance marketing where ROI matters.

If you are a marketer that needs complete WordPress sites, landing pages, offer pages, banners, facebook ad creatives, video animations, or copywriting for landing pages/offer pages or the ad itself be sure to visit

They understand us; performance marketers and they work at unbeatable rates, often times for 50% less than freelancers you find on Upwork and other sites.

Give them a try, and experience why so many marketers rely on Banners&Landers!

Here is one of the promo videos for their 100% original content, built by hand ‘safe site’ creation services designed for BlackHat Affiliates:



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