Avazu: The Industry Leading Global Mobile Performance Network


Since their establishment in 2009, Avazu has become one of the biggest and most well known affiliate marketing networks across the globe. Avazu is headquartered in Shanghai, however they also have 15 other offices across 5 continents, including Amsterdam, Berlin, Tel Aviv, Toronto, Shanghai, New Delhi, Hong Kong, Bangalore, Xi’an, Mumbai, Tokyo, Beijing, Jakarta and Seoul.

Because they have such a strong international presence, Avazu is able to provide the right traffic to advertisers who work across a multitude of verticals and geos. Currently, they have developed an expertise in user acquisition for apps within the Gaming, Book & Ride, Social Casino and E-commerce verticals. Their ability to specialize in this comes from being able to meet the required KPIs and retention goals.

Another one of Avazu’s strengths, and where they have seen enormous growth recently, is in sports betting and casino. The reason for their success in these areas is due to their extremely high player value through in-house resources and direct publishers.

What sets Avazu apart from other networks in the industry largely comes down to their teams’ collective experience. They have been active with programmatic buying and performance marketing for over nine years now. With the experience and knowledge they have gained throughout the last nine years, they have managed to become one of the world’s largest mobile performance networks in the world and led them to acquire billions of customers.

Moreover, Avazu’s owned and operated apps – with over 300 million daily active users – makes them a direct in-app traffic source, which many premium advertisers value.

In addition to being an affiliate network that operates on a global scale, Avazu also has a self-serve mobile DSP, which is integrated with 56 major ad exchanges, and provides over 30 billion daily ad impressions around the world.

Although they have grown to become one of the world’s biggest mobile performance marketing networks, like most networks, they had a few challenges to overcome in order to reach their success. According to Avazu, their biggest obstacle was establishing and maintaining clear communication across their many offices. With a larger company, extensive planning and communicating is critical to ensure that all teams are on the same page. Their way of minimizing issues of this nature has been to implement a global structure that operates smoothly. With this, they have been able to act just as quick, if not quicker, than their smaller competitors.

Right now, they are focused on remaining an international performance driven network and content creator that covers almost all aspects of mobile advertising in an effective and innovative manner. For Avazu, it is essential to keep adapting to the industry and jump into new verticals when they see fitting opportunities to grow their revenue streams. Their team strives to maintain this reputation in the future as well.

At the moment, Avazu has many great offers for affiliates in various verticals, such as all Book and Ride apps, top Social Casino apps, any Gaming app available in the United States, Korea, Japan and exclusive Casino and Sport Betting in Europe.

Avazu will be attending a series of events this year, giving affiliates the opportunity to meet with them. You can catch up with them at any of the following events this year:

To learn more about Avazu and their traffic, contact Ben.pony@Avazu.net

To learn more about Avazu and their offers, contact Justin.turner@avazu.net

To learn more about Avazu mDSP contact Kiki.henrichs@avazu.net

www.avazuinc.com http://www.dotcunitedgroup.com/


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