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AFFJOBS – The Affiliate Marketing Recruitment Site:

It can be difficult to find the right hire to complete your team. The perfect candidate is not easy to find, which is why the process is so long and costly. They need to have a good understanding of your company’s culture, they should have relevant experience for the role you are hiring for, and should have a genuine interest to learn and develop in the job. It’s important to make sure you find the right candidate the first time around, but this is even more difficult within the affiliate industry.

While recruiting seems a bit daunting, looking for a new job is no walk in the park either. For job seekers, the challenge is in finding a job that compensates well and matches your skill-set, as well as enjoying a company’s culture. A successful hiring process is when both parties fit well together. However, companies and job seekers have to jump through a few hoops to get to there.

To alleviate some of the common issues individuals face during hiring processes, the team behind STM Forum, Affiliate World Conferences, and iStack Training launched Affjobs.

AffJobs is a new, comprehensive job platform for the affiliate industry.

Like most hiring platforms, businesses can post their companies’ new openings to, and receive applications from job seekers. The difference between Affjobs and other interfaces is in the quality of the resumes you will receive. Since the platform is designed specifically for the affiliate industry, you will receive more resumes from individuals with prior knowledge of the affiliate industry. The applications you receive will also come from candidates who have relevant work experience, and can make a real difference on your team. The recruiting process becomes much easier when you have a stronger pool of applicants to choose from.

Another issue with recruiting through platforms such as Monster and LinkedIn is the high cost involved. Posting jobs online is expensive. With Affjobs, not only will you improve the quality of your hiring experience, you can cut the costs by 60%.

Finally, The interface is also great for job seekers. Some of the industry’s biggest companies, such as; Avazu, CMP group, and Istack Holdings, use Affjobs to recruit new team members. This gives you the opportunity to apply to jobs with some of the industry’s best companies.

The process is simple for job seekers. They can complete their online resumes, which they can then use to apply to numerous jobs on the website. Additionally, companies who are prospecting candidates can also view their resumes.

When applying to jobs, they can get specific with their search queries. They can choose to refine your search by job title, location, remote and non-remote positions, and salary. The positions on Affjobs also vary in required levels of experience. There are entry-level positions for the lesser experienced candidate, as well as executive roles for industry veteran.

When it comes to hiring for a new role, you want to make sure it is done right. Using Affjobs is the easiest and most effective way to hire your new team member.

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Current positions include;
Affiliate manager roles

Junior Affiliate manager job roles

Affiliate account manager

Media buyer job roles

Campaign managers

Social Media executives

Business development managers

traffic managers

+ Many more!


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