Affiliate Network – CPANOMADS Welcomes New Team Members!


CpaNomads a leading global affiliate network have recently filled two new positions in their fully remote team of affiliate managers and business developers.


The CPA network welcomes; Amit Sharma, Brad Holmes  

“We’re delighted to Welcome some experienced people to join our team, for 2018 our goal is to increase our team numbers ten fold and we’re currently on target to do so”

Amit Sharma – 

Made his first ever dollar as an affiliate at the young age of 16; he was just beginning the journey into the world of the Internet. Since then he’s worked directly for an advertiser that had one of the biggest survival niche offers on the internet. His other experience includes working for a very large affiliate network in Toronto that had some of the biggest and best Diet, Skin and Muscle offers. Amit is always ready to assist affiliates in reaching their financial and campaign goals and would love to hear from you as well. With a background from affiliate management to overseeing offer setups and data management Amit is an outstanding member for the CpaNomads team!

Brad Holmes – 

He has experience in Affiliate Management to Business Development, as well as running a streaming content company and programming company, Brad fully understands affiliates needs and can help them scale. The last two years he was with a large Affiliate Network with a multitude of offers and helped many publishers grow their campaigns. Brad is originally from Toronto, Canada but is living the Nomad lifestyle in Seoul, Korea right now. Another great addition to the CpaNomads team.



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