Advidi Enters The Gaming Vertical


After months of testing and planning, Advidi has announced the official launch of their next vertical: Gaming.

In their latest release, the affiliate network discusses the significant potential that Gaming holds for their affiliates and advertisers. It’s a $116 billion industry that continues to break records and exceed performance predictions.

The decision to enter Gaming came from a number of factors:

  • Publisher demand. Advidi noticed a rising number of requests for Gaming offers. They looked into it and realized that the vertical was indeed ripe for disruption by smart affiliates.
  • Long-term stability. Gaming is huge and continues to grow. The offers are stable and, once you’re optimized, can remain as solid money-makers for a long time.
  • High margins. Who doesn’t love profits? There’s a lot of room to make everyone happy in the Gaming world thanks to its higher-than-average margins.
  • Near-endless possibilities. The size and scale of the Gaming industry cannot be overstated. Multiple devices, genres and formats feed a massive global audience.
  • Current Advidi affiliates will likely enjoy quick success in Gaming. Getting started is relatively easy, as many of the traffic sources you currently use are also effective in Gaming. Additionally, the experience you bring from other verticals gives you an advantage, as the industry currently lacks the unique perspective that affiliates have.

Once they determined it as a viable vertical, the next step was to test, consult with experts and build a team. Initial results have been very positive, so now it’s time to open the doors to the affiliate world.

With plenty of offers to pick from and hands-on support from Advidi’s Gaming team, this is a great opportunity for anyone looking to diversify into a large, mainstream market. New affiliates can expect lots of assistance as they get their new business division running smoothly.

If you’ve ever been curious about Gaming, there’s no better time than now! Learn all about the possibilities on Advidi’s blog.



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