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One of the biggest problems for affiliates when running their campaigns is account bans. Facebook has cracked down on advertisers in the last few years, and it is probably going to become enough tougher for affiliates in the future. Adwords has been doing this for years, and it can be extremely tricky to scale your campaign across multiple accounts.

The problems here is that all Facebook and Google accounts require a unique payment method for advertising. Otherwise, when an account gets banned then all other accounts using the same payment method also get banned.

The obvious solution to this is to use multiple credit cards, however they are not always easy to get. It is very difficult for individuals to get numerous credit cards, particularly if you are looking to get US cards – if you are not a US citizen, it is nearly impossible.

The existing Facebook and Google Virtual Credit Card (VCC) services you see online and likely already abused and banned on these services, and will get your account quickly shut down. If you do end up being successful in obtaining credit cards, you will likely have to wait several days before receiving them, or you may not even be able to obtain a large enough credit limit to spend the daily amount you need.

This poses another problem because you now have to wait days and even weeks before you can launch your campaign on new accounts. Additionally, depending on the bank you are getting your credit cards from, you will be responsible with the hassle of managing the balance of each card, canceling them, and re-ordering them. There is, however, a way around all of these issues:  AdvertisementCards.

The Solution

With AdvertisementCards, you can avoid all of common issues associated with getting multiple cards. Their service allows you to get as many US or UK credit cards as you wish in just a few hours. You are also not limited to using a specific platform because their cards also work with Facebook and Google Adwords, along with a lot of other networks (including native networks).

Moreover, you can use any zip code or billing address for them, they have the cards set up in a unique so that any address verification will pass. This way you can specify the same billing address / zip code to the account holders location, which will raise less flags for your account.

How does it work?

AdvertisementCards’ service is simple. All you have to do is pre-fund a “wallet”, and then all of your cards will spend from this wallets balance without a daily limit on them. Their system is great because it allows you to manage all your funds centrally, rather than having to monitor the balance of every card. This is much more convenient, and a lot less time consuming for your business.

Users also have access to a extremely convenient dashboard on AdvertisementCards’ website. Upon logging in, the dashboard will show you all of your current cards, your wallet balance, your transactions across all of your cards, and more. This is an extremely useful tool for businesses as they can easily keep track of their cards in one place, rather than having to deal with multiple banks and balances on each card.

AdvertisementCards Online Dashboard

The Benefits

There are several benefits to using AdvertisementCards to acquire multiple credit cards for your business. Firstly, they issue new cards much more quickly than their competitors. As affiliates, being able to get your hands on new cards rapidly is essential. With AdvertisementCards, you do not have to wait days or weeks to launch your new ad campaigns, you can usually get new cards issued in only a few hours.

Another advantage to using AdvertisementCards is that they are priced fairly. While other companies who offer similar services often require you to pay thousands of dollars in set-up fees, AdvertisementCards does not.

AdvertisementCards has:
– No setup fees
– Cheapest monthly pricing (and no limit on the number of cards)
– Cheapest per card pricing
– A highly available account manager
– Can have you signed up, with your credit cards the same day

Overall, we feel that AdvertisementCards is the best solution to obtain cards for all your media buying needs.

Visit to learn more about AdvertisementCards, or to get in touch with them.


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