They say every artist eventually creates their masterpiece, well after 17 years of being in the online internet marketing space I have created mine which is MRKTHUB – YOUR BRANDING PARTNER! My name is Gerard A. Della Porta and I am the founder and creator of the first Internet marketing platform designed to centralize our industry while creating more business for all of us by branding industry companies 365 days per year. My platform currently includes MRKTHUB-365 (The Virtual Trade Show), MRKTHUB – FACEBOOK GROUP, NETWORK -OFFERS, NEWS, and THE BASHES. Read more to learn how MRKHTUB is transforming our space forever.


It was all a dream.
The vision of MRKTHUB came to me in 2016 while enjoying life in Bangkok Thailand where I live. At the time I realized I was actually already a MRKHTUB for years, as my personal Facebook was maxed out at 5000 internet marketers that were constantly contacting me daily asking for everything from introductions to other top industry people, recommendations for software, processing, corporate structure, jobs, and the list goes on. I knew I was the only person in our space that could build something like this and I owed it to the industry to make my vision a reality and I did.

MRKTHUB-365 (The Virtual Trade Show)

As a marketing graduate from college, I understand product, price, place, and promotion which are the 4’ps of marketing. I firmly believe that companies should attend as many industry trade shows as possible each year and invest in a booth; however, as these are an important part of every company’s marketing budget, the reality of trade show booths it that they are temporary and only provide branding for 6 – 18 hours max over a 1 – 3 day period and when the trade show is over the booth and company branding disappears. After the trade shows, we all travel back to our offices somewhere on the planet and our branding relies on our company URL ( which is lost in the sea of the world wide web), our business facebook page and business LinkedIn page ( which both are lost on those vast platforms).

Based on the above I knew I had to solve this situation and I created MRKTHUB-365 (The Virtual Trade Show) which is a virtual online trade show for every business of our industry providing all of us with a presence 365 days per year. For less than the prices of a triple latte with soy milk in London per day, you can give your company what it needs which is branding 365 days per year backed by the good name, fame, and faith of me.


We are a unique industry where we require our team and ourselves to be active daily on Facebook. Their platform is not only the best ad-network ever created on the planet, but it is a great business tool to stay connected.

The MRKTHUB – FACEBOOK GROUP was created by me and blew up overnight after 17 years of my internet contacts. I personally put in over 4000 of my top contacts and continue to add more each day. The group is over 6500 members and growing daily.

The fb group is a privilege for companies and their team on the MRKHTUB platform as they are placed on pre-approved posting and all of there posts go-live immediately.

Are you a network looking to increase sales and gain more affiliates? Then contact us today about listing your network.
Our goal is to grow your affiliates while reducing fraud affiliates. We place MRKTHUB in front of the world’s largest and best affiliates. Next we block the IP addresses from the most well-known cities for fraud affiliates.

For leading up to date article’s circling our industry please check out or news section.


Most of you don’t realize that my friend Raja ( Sumon Raja Roy-Choudhury who owns www.chargebackhelp.com for chargeback disputes and www.billapay.com a payment gateway solution) was the reason I created the first of my bashes in December of 2017 which became www.thebangkokbash.com . Raja asked me in October of 2017 to host a party that he would pay for during AWA 2017 in Bangkok ( www.affiliateworldconferences.com ) and I immediately said no. He said what do you mean?? I said look if I host a party it has to be perfect and I don’t want to put the time into it. He kept insisting that I do it so I said ok I will post on FB and see if people are interested. Well for some reason my FB and other messengers lit up like a Christmas tree and THE BANGKOK BASH was born!

The Bashes ( www.thebangkokbash.com and www.thepanamabash.com with more to be launched in 2019 ) are a Division of MRKTHUB – YOUR BRANDING PARTNER – that are designed for sponsors to entertain clients at world-class venues around the globe proudly hosted by me.

If you are a company looking to sponsor an upcoming Bash or an industry trade show that wants me to host a bash at your show, please contact me to learn more.


Let’s face it, it’s not a question of if your company will be on the MRKTHUB, it is simply a matter of when your company will be on the platform. Contact me now to set up a personal one on one Skype video and allow me to share all of the features and benefits that will increase your brand awareness leading to more sales for your company.