6 Super Simple Ways to Find The Best Affiliate Offers To Promote


The affiliate marketing industry is constantly changing. In order to stay in the game, affiliate marketers constantly need to be keeping up with new trends and testing out different offers. Many people who join the industry as affiliates struggle to find the best affiliate offers when they are starting off. Affiliates are constantly on the lookout for hot new offers, but it can be challenging to find the ones that also fit their target audience and use the same traffic source. However, there are several resources affiliates can use to research new offers easily and efficiently.

Below, we have outlined 6 simples ways for your to find the best affiliate offers to promote.

Spy tools

Whether affiliates are looking for their competitor’s Facebook ads, mobile, native, or desktop ads, spy tools make competitive research easy for affiliates. But they also have another use: they simplify your search for new affiliate offers. Certain spy tools, such as AdSector, Adspy, Adplexity, and WhatRunsWhere, are easy to navigate and have large databases that are continuously updated. All of these are good platforms to consult when you are looking for new offers.

How can they help you find new offers?

Although different Facebook spy tools have come and gone throughout the years, there are a couple good ones affiliates should be using. Adspy and AdSector are not only excellent spy tools that can help you with your competitive research; they are also great tools to help you discover new affiliate offers. They both have massive amounts of data, which makes them ideal tools for finding new offers.

When it comes to native, desktop, and mobile, Adplexity and WhatRunsWhere are helpful tools to use when finding new offers.

The filters that are available for you to use on Adspy, AdSector, Adplexity, and WhatRunsWhere make it easy for you to find affiliate offers. In the search results, you are able to see ads from your competitors, which will show you what offers they are running, and where they are running them.

The following filter options can help you narrow down the search results for the offers you are looking for easily, or allow you to discover new ones:

  • Category: You can search by category, which will allow you to focus on finding offers that are in relevant verticals.
  • Time: With spy tools, you can search by date. This filter is great to use if you want to find the most recent offers. For example, you can choose to find ads from the last 3 weeks.
  • Affiliate Network: Most spy tools let you search by affiliate network, so you can see where to inquire about new offers.

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Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are a great place to start when you are searching for the best affiliate offers. There are several Facebook groups that are dedicated solely to affiliate marketing, where affiliate managers post about great offers their networks have, and affiliates can ask about offers as well.

Here are some of the best Facebook Groups for finding new affiliate offers:

  • Mrkthub: The members in Mrkthub’s Facebook group include affiliates, networks, and affiliate managers. Many affiliate managers post about offers in different verticals, and affiliates post to inquire about them. This is one of the best groups in the industry!
  • Super Affiliates & Internet Marketing: Many affiliates, affiliate manager and networks join ‘Super Affiliates & Internet Marketing’. It is a great place to find out about new offers.
  • Super Got Damn Affiliates: networks, and affiliate managers are in this group.
  • Internet Advertising – People Who Don’t Pay and Internet Advertising – People Who Don’t Pay (Uncensored)
    These two groups are helpful to perform quick search of new networks and advertisers here to make sure they’re legitimate and not scammers. Once you have found a good offer, it is a good idea to search the associated network or advertiser to make sure there are no red flags.
  • FB Ad Buyers: This group is a great place for affiliates to ask questions over Facebook. It is particularly useful if you are looking for Facebook compliant offers (white hat).

These groups are not specific to certain verticals, which means any affiliate can join them regardless of the niche they advertise in.

Affiliate offer aggregator – MRKTHUB (Launching soon!)

Mrkthub will soon be launching their affiliate offer aggregator so you can easily search for your affiliate offers in an efficient manner. The affiliate offer aggregator will provide affiliates with a platform where they can search for offers using several filters, such as networks, verticals, and countries. Using these filters, you can find specific offers in the vertical you are looking for that are also relevant to your target audience.

Based on your search results, Mrkthub’s affiliate offer aggregator will show you the name of the offer, along with the category, payout, country, and network. Additionally, it will include a free open chat room that is just for affiliates. The chat rooms will have multiple chat boxes for individual affiliate verticals! EPIC!!

This will be an excellent tool for affiliates to find reliable information regarding new offers.

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Ask An Affiliate Manager

Working with an affiliate network comes in handy when you are looking for new offers. One of the benefits of using a network is having an affiliate manager assigned to you. A good affiliate manager will be able to provide you with updates regarding new offers that appear interesting and relevant to you.

Here are some of the ways you can use your affiliate manager to find the best offers:

Ask about what’s hot right now

Affiliate marketing is an ever-changing industry, and as such, networks are constantly getting new offers in. A good affiliate manager will make sure to stay updated on the latest trends in different verticals. With this in mind, your affiliate manager is a good resource to have when you are searching for the best affiliate offers. Ask them about what is hot in your niche at the moment. Chances are, they will be able to guide you in the right direction, and show you their best new offers.

Ask for offers that might have a similar target audience to offers you’re already using

Online marketers know the important of promoting the right products and services to the right audience. You cannot build a successful marketing campaign if you do not define your target audience – affiliate managers know this as well.

Your affiliate manager can help you find offers based on the audience you want to target. For example, if I want to promote an advertisement for drones, young men who are interested in technology and/or gaming would be a good audience to target. Your affiliate manager can match up your target audience with their most suitable offers.

If you are struggling with this, you can ask if they have any datasets you can use to build lookalike audiences. This will make testing a new offer much easier.

Look for the same traffic sources as you use

Finally, when you are asking your affiliate managers about interesting offers they may have for you, you have to consider the traffic source you are using. Your affiliate manager may have offers that are hot at the moment and/or are relevant to your target audience, however, they may not run on the same traffic source as you use.

For example, if you run Facebook ads, you cannot run an offer that is meant to be promoted via email.

Speak with other affiliates

The affiliate marketing industry is very social. Most affiliates find themselves communicating with other affiliates online regularly because they work remotely.

Another way to find the best affiliate offers is by asking other affiliates about offers they have seen or heard about. Perhaps they can send you an interesting offer they see on a Facebook group, or in a group chat. Other affiliates will have different contacts than you have, so it is a good idea to ask around and see what offers they have found.

Although using your connections can be a big help when you are trying to find new offers, you may find that not all affiliates want to share what offers they are promoting. It is a social industry, but it is also a competitive one. People might not be willing to compromise their own success by helping you out.

Go to conferences

Attending affiliate marketing conferences is one of the best ways to network with people in the industry. Some of the biggest conferences, like Affiliate Summit West, have thousands of professionals in the industry in attendance.

As previously mentioned, using contacts is an easy way to find new offers. Going to affiliate marketing conferences gives you the chance to meet new people and reunite with people you have not seen in a while.

Many conferences have Meet Markets, where many networks and advertisers set up booths. This is a good opportunity for affiliates to go and ask them about offers they have.

Advertisers are also often in attendance, which allows you to connect with them directly instead of going through a network. By going to the advertiser instead, you do not need to give networks a percentage of your earnings.

For affiliates, readily finding great offers to promote is essential. There are several simple ways that you can find new offers, including using spy tools, Facebook groups, Mrkthub’s affiliate offer aggregator, asking affiliate managers, speaking with other affiliates and attending conferences. These are easy steps that you can take to find affiliate offers, and ensure you are discovering new opportunities.


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