4 Simple tips for Improving your User Experience

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In order to build your brand, you want to be attracting new clientele, and retaining your current customers. Improving your user experience (UX) is important to ensure the satisfaction of your clients, and the growth of your business. Your visitors are looking for a website that mixes functionality and beautiful design, which is where the importance of UX comes in.

Successful UX is instrumental to your digital marketing strategy. It involves combination of several elements, such as, design and easy navigation, speed, and mobile friendly. According to Digital Information World, 88% of online visitors are reluctant to return to a website after a negative experience, so make your first impression a good one.

Below, we identify some of the most crucial tips for successful UX:

Make your Design Visually Appealing

Since we are visual people, a website should have a great design layout. Web pages that are interesting to look at increase engagement among your visitors. Adding visual elements such as images, infographics and videos are not only engaging; they also help you market your products better. For example, product videos are a persuasive tool to use on your website. Studies have shown that 73% of individuals are more likely to make a purchase online after watching a product video or testimonial because it increases credibility.

Ensure Easy Navigation

To ensure great user experience, your visitors should also be able to navigate your website with ease. The design should be interesting, yet simple enough that your visitors to make their way around your website without trouble. It is important to have an organic flow so your users do not have to spend too much time searching for what they are looking for. If your website is disorganized and too complex, you risk visitors leaving your website all-together.

Additionally, your website should include a call to action next to key information. Placing your call of action in a visible area facilitates the decision making process for the shopper.

Improve the Speed of your Website

People are impatient, so it’s no surprise that speed plays an important part in user experience. Digital Information World reported that a massive 47% of visitors expect a web page to load in two second or less. Improving your website’s speed will help your visitors find what they are looking for and make purchasing decisions more quickly.

Be Mobile Friendly

For a website to be user friendly, it has to be mobile friendly. Out of convenience, most shoppers use their mobile phones to research companies and make purchases, which is why it is critical to have a well-functioning mobile site. People typically use their phones to shop online when they are on the go, so they expect the experience to be easy for them. Studies have shown that users are five times more likely to leave a website if it is not optimized for mobile. Individuals use their mobile phones at the beginning of their shopping journey, which leads them to make purchasing decisions quickly. By optimizing your mobile site, you will improve your customers’ overall experiences.

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